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Khusrau Mirza

Khusrau Mirza August 16, 1587 – January 26, 1622) was the eldest son of the Mughal emperor Jahangir.His mother Manbai or Shah Begam was a Kachhwaha princess and the daughter of Raja Bhagwant Das. Prince Khusrau was born in Lahore on August 16, 1587. His mother committed suicide on May 16, 1604 by consuming poison.
Khusrau married the daughter of Azam Khan Koka. He had three sons, Buland Akhtar (who died at an early age), Dawar Bakhsh and Gurshasp.
Khusrau also a son by the daughter of Muqim, son of Mihtar Fazil Rikab-dar.
The rebellion and its aftermath

Khusrau rebelled against his father in 1606 to see, who would succeed the emperor Akbar. He left Agra on April 6, 1606 with 350 horsemen on the pretext of visiting the tomb of Akbar. In Mathura, he was joined by Hussain Beg with about 3000 horsemen. In Panipat, he was joined by Abdur Rahim, the provincial dewan of Lahore. When Khusrau reached Taran Taran, he received the blessings of Guru Arjan Dev.
He laid the siege of Lahore, but Lahore was defended by Dilawar Khan. Soon, Jahangir reached Lahore with a big army and Khusrau was defeated in the battle of Bhairowal. Khusrau and his followers tried to flee towards Kabul but they were captured by Jahangir's army while crossing the Chenab, and later he was imprisoned in Agra.

In 1607, Khusrau was ordered to be blinded as a punishment though his eyesight was never completely lost. In 1616, he was handed over to Asaf Khan. In 1620, he was handed over to Prince Khurram, who was later known as emperor Shah Jahan. In 1622, he was killed on the orders of Prince Khurram.
After the death of Jahangir in 1627, Khusrau's son, Prince Dawar briefly became ruler of the Mughal Empire, though it was only done as a political manoeuvre by Asaf Khan, to secure the Mughal throne for Shah Jahan.
On Jumada-l awwal 2, 1037 AH (December 30, 1627), Shah Jahan was proclaimed as the emperor at Lahore, and on Jumada-l awwal 26, 1037 AH (January 23, 1628) upon his orders, Dawar Bakhsh, his brother Garshasp, Shahryar, and Tahmuras and Hoshang, sons of the deceased Prince Daniyal, were all put to death by Asaf Khan, who was ordered by Shah Jahan to send them "out of the world", which he faithfully carried out.

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