Friday, November 4, 2011

Mutilations inside Taj Mahal Myth

A question that has often cropped up in relation to the beautiful monument of love is "were Taj Mahal's craftsmen mutilated". Without any proper records and evidence, this question has remained like a myth to the people. The mutilations in Taj Mahal myth, goes that the craftsmen who had taken part in the construction of the Taj were disfigured after its completion. It is said that Shah Jahan got the hands of his architects and sculptors cut off so that they may never be able to build a monument as magnificent as the Taj again in their lifetime.

Craftman of Taj Mahal

The legend of mutilations in Taj, further states that he even got their eyes pulled out so that they would never be able to witness anything more beautiful than the monument that they had built. However, this myth hasn't been proven to be correct, till date

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