Friday, November 4, 2011

Theft in Taj Mahal Myth

Taj Mahal, India

As per the "theft in Taj Mahal" myth, a number of items that were originally a part of the Taj were stolen. It is true that some items were removed from Taj. However, the theft of a number of other items is a mere legend. Some of the items that from a part of the "legend of Taj Mahal theft" are:
  1. A gold leaf that is said to have covered all or a part of the Taj dome
  2. A golden railing believed to have surrounded the cenotaphs
  3. Diamonds supposed to be inlaid in the cenotaphs
  4. A Pearl blanket allegedly covering Mumtaz's cenotaph

The items that were indeed stolen from the Taj include:
  1. An entrance door of carved jasper
  2. Gold leaf covering the cast iron joints of the jali screen around the cenotaphs
  3. Numerous rich carpets that covered the tomb's interior
  4. Enameled lamps from the tomb's interior

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